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Trapped with No warning!

After being in the salon nearly half the day on  Saturday, I hadn't gotten around to watching any television.I'm sure you know what's it's like having mommy duties, working … More

The Salon Visit That Changed My Life

After being relaxer free for over four years with a head of healthy hair, I decided that I wanted a new look. I knew that I wanted my hair to be lifted up to a level four and then … More

Start Taking Action!

I'm a firm believer in the saying “Action Over Words”. Have you ever purchased educational info such as DVDs, Books, Cd’s or even watched educational information on YouTube with … More

Don’t Be Too Cool For School

Let me start by saying, one of the costs for great success is that you stay on top of your game. Not too long ago I decided that I would embark on this journey of making wigs from … More

Super Solano Twin Turbo 3200 Blow Dryer

In all my years of providing hair care services I must say that the Super Solano Twin Turbo is my best friend. This is my main ingredient for ensuring my clients leaving my chair … More

Amika Mini Ceramics

  A lot of people ask me how I achieve this look and this post will explain why I use this particular type of flatiron to achieve looks like this..... Over the years … More